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Construction Tent
Blue Maxx Wall Systems

Building Under the Big Top
Construction Tent
As a company dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology and determined to use the latest techniques for building the highest quality structures as efficiently as possible, Bock Construction has often found it necessary to implement innovations that few other companies are willing to do.

One example of our innovation can be seen on a job we performed in Palo Alto. When it became evident that weather would become a problem and we wanted to be doing continuous work we built a 60 by 100 foot tent with 30 to 40 feet of clearance. This comes to nearly 240,000 square feet of working area.

Built specifically for our needs, the tent was co-designed and built by Bock Construction in 1997 so that we could insure a timely and quality house for our client.

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Blue Maxx Wall Systems

Once again, setting industry standard, we have incorporated the system into our housing frame to create a stronger, waterproof, better insulated home.

The Blue Maxx system is a structural expanded polystyrene building form made for cast-in-place concrete walls, that remain in place as an integral part of the building after the concrete is poured.   The forms are linked by polypropylene webs to create form units.  The block-shaped forms are laid up in courses.

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We utilize the Blue Maxx wall system to secure our subterranean building.  We are looking forward to soon introducing our first above grade Blue Maxx home enabling us to give our clients a 100-year warrantee.

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The Hardyframe system has enabled us to build bigger more open homes while working within the parameters of structural sheer wall requirements. Instead of designing our homes with minimal windows worried about our sheer value, we now have the flexibility to be innovative and unique with walls of windows and french doors. The

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Hardyframe not only allows us flexibility in design, but an opportunity to build a stronger more durable house. The Hardyframe requires 75% less wall area than plywood, is easy to install, and gives us as a builder the ability to offer a guarantee we can stand behind to our clients.

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