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151 Almendral Avenue
Atherton, CA
This house was a unique situation.  We were entering a historical neighborhood in Atherton, California.  It was the last  historical lot in this area surrounded by homes built at the turn of the century. The client for this home wanted a stately blend combining the one-acre lot and a strong presence without overwhelming the neighborhood and staying within the parameters of tradition.

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With the historic nature of the house we had to be particularly sensitive to the finishes and materials we utilized. We combined new technologies with old materials and finishes.  Due to the harsh damp winter environment we incorporated an 80x100x40, foot tent as a means of control.  This tent was put up to sustain a workable site for the builder and architect throughout the year.   It engrossed the entire building footing keeping all weather effects away from scheduling.  We use the Blue Max concrete wall and ICF foundation systems to secure our basement from all movement and moisture.

In an effort to keep the historical tradition of the area we brought in true San Francisco street cobble stone from the late eighteen hundreds.  The stone was originally from Europe.  It imported in the keel of boats used as ballast and then used as street surfacing in the early years of San Francisco development.  We incorporated them into a blend on the front of the house, giving the house a traditional charm with a piece of history behind it.
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