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394 Stevick Drive
Atherton, CA
The 8,800 sq. ft. custom home at 394 Stevick Lane, Atherton, California sits on 1.27 acres of land.  It is a very beautiful Cape Cod traditional home with interior California accents.  We sold this house to a young family for $300,000.00 over the asking.
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In order to eliminate the segmented feeling of a split bi-level lot we designed the structure half-subterranean to create a more uniform line.  The house was designed in a U-shape to create an entertaining circular flow.  It was also designed to create the courtyard area in the backyard for viewing the depths of the property.  We designed the house with many windows to open up the interior to the beauty of the landscape
Due to the extent of under ground water and the expansive of soil, and our attempts to make a half basement we came up with a creative foundation system using piers, a suspended concrete slab, and the Blue Maxx wall system. Because of California seismic activity and the amount of windows in the design we utilized a new seismic panel system (Hardy Panels).    Our subterranean areas were designed to be conditioned living space.   Because of this we decided to use the ICF Blue Maxx wall system to create a faster, dryer, stronger, and more cost-effective structure.  We utilized new technologies to overcome our building and design obstacles.
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